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ExaPhen Technology


ExaPhen is a line of aromatic multifunctional and mannich amine polyols for rigid PUR/PIR foams.

Why ExaPhen?  

 ExaPhen, explained

ExaPhen Polyols can be a great contribution for your new or existing PUR and PIR rigid foams, with the main recognised benefits of:

> Longlasting Dimensional Stability
> Low exotherm
> Increased fame and temperature resistance
> Excellent adhesion to substrates from minus ºC
> Low Density
> Lambda from 0.22 mW/msq
> Increased moisture absorption
> High miscibility with traditional polyols
isocyanates, surfactants, blowing agents and catalysts
> Wide range of formulations
> High Bio-content


From a chemical point of view, cardanol represents an interesting and versatile substrate: it contains three different functional groups, namely the aromatic ring, the hydroxy group and the double bonds in the alkyl chain, that can be either selectively or simultaneously modified by simply tuning the chemical synthetic pathways according to the expected features of final product. 

ExaPhen is the result  of the original know-how developed by Composite Technical Services LLC (CTS), aimed at both:
- introducing innovative chemical modifications on each functional group of raw cardanol
- maximising the consistency of the CNSL composition which can fall short of variability due to its natural source
- maximising consistent quality coming with the cardanol in use and its subsequent functionalisation

ExaPhen, Quality Assurance

Importantly, Elmira Industrial Supplies and CTS make use of internally developed standard procedures which have been a necessity in order to always guarantee the quality and uniqueness of our ExaPhen polyols. Additionally, we rely on Quality Mananegement ISO certified infrastructures in order to accomplish our product operations.

ExaPhen is produced in India so to make use of a nearby controlled source of cardanol at cheaper cost and more controlled availability.

          Select below the application for rigid PUR that you are interested in
           and find our specific recommendation of ExaPhen polyols for your case. 



in PUR and PIR


EXAPHEN POLYOLS are developed from renewable and natural chemical structures with an alkyl-phenolic skeleton, thus being characterised by unique properties related to their reactivity, compatibility with standard components and improved performances when compared to other Crude and Natural Oil Polyols. Examples are shown with the case studies section of our brochure. 

ExaPhen, its bio source
Specifically, ExaPhen is based on the well-known structure of cardanol (Figure 1), an industrial oily alkyl-phenolic product (having up to 3 unsaturations in the flanking alkyl chain) obtained by vacuum distillation of “cashew nut shell liquid” (CNSL), extracted from the cashew of Anacardium Occidentale.